Source code for algorithms.sorting.comb_sort

    Comb Sort
    Improves on bubble sort by using a gap sequence to remove turtles.

    Time Complexity: O(n**2)

    Space Complexity: O(1) Auxiliary

    Stable: Yes

    Psuedo code:


[docs]def sort(seq): """ Takes a list of integers and sorts them in ascending order. This sorted list is then returned. :param seq: A list of integers :rtype: A list of sorted integers """ gap = len(seq) swap = True while gap > 1 or swap: gap = max(1, int(gap / 1.25)) swap = False for i in range(len(seq) - gap): if seq[i] > seq[i + gap]: seq[i], seq[i + gap] = seq[i + gap], seq[i] swap = True return seq