Source code for algorithms.sorting.bogo_sort

    Bogo Sort
    A naive sorting that picks two elements at random and swaps them.

    Time Complexity: O(n * n!)

    Space Complexity: O(1) Auxiliary

    Stable: No

    Psuedo code: None

    **WARNING**: This algorithm may never sort the list correctly.

import random

[docs]def sort(seq): """ Takes a list of integers and sorts them in ascending order. This sorted list is then returned. :param seq: A list of integers :rtype: A list of sorted integers """ if len(seq) == 1: return seq random.seed() while not is_sorted(seq): if len(seq) == 2: i = 0 j = 1 else: i = random.randint(0, len(seq) - 2) j = random.randint(i, len(seq) - 1) seq[i], seq[j] = seq[j], seq[i] return seq
[docs]def is_sorted(seq): """ Takes a list of integers and checks if the list is in sorted order. :param seq: A list of integers :rtype: Boolean """ return all(seq[i - 1] <= seq[i] for i in range(1, len(seq)))